Courses on this web site


These courses take the form of notes to be used on courses at the Assynt Leisure Centre. In addition to these notes, there is a community web site where comments on the courses, questions about them and any answers that you can provide can be left.

Silver Surfers

This course is intended for the less experienced. It comprises introductions to computers and the internet, The uses and abuses of e-mails and the World Wide Web, introduction to web browsers and computer security and maintenance.

Beginners Course

This course is intended to fill in some of the gaps in the Silver Surfers course. The keyboard shortcuts have been transferred to this course and it includes Files, Folders and a brief introduction to word processors and spreadsheets.

Web Site Authoring

This course covers HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript. The course covers current practice leaving out obsolete and obsolescent material, without being so cutting edge that material that is not yet covered by browsers is included.