Clachtoll Broch

The Clachtoll Broch, as it is now & as it may have been

At the north end of Clachtoll, walk down to the beach and look left. You will see what looks like a pile of sandstone rocks. This is the Broch.

Brochs are mainly confined to the Highlands west of the Great Glen. Mostly robbed out nowadays, they are remarkably similar in contruction.

They comprise two tapering dry-stone walls linked by stone ties which form galleries and staircases. Stone ledges, called scarcements, on the inside of the inner walls and the post holes which surround the central hearth in the Broch floor indicate an inner wooden structure supporting several layers of decking, which would have been topped off by a conical roof.

Inside the entrance there is a set back on each side where a door would have been placed. Behind these there are chambers on each side called 'Guard chambers'

To see the Broch as it may have looked when it was built, move the mouse pointer over the picture.

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