Technical Notes

1st Februay 2009
A further course has been added to fill in some of the gaps in the Silver Surfers courses.

6th November 2008
Two Courses have been added as an open section of the site. In addition, The site navigation has been revised using the latest examples from CSSplay.

28th July 2008
Minor changes in the footer and separation of the Web Page Writing Course Tutorial. from the main body of the site.

12th March 2008
Details of the Ranger-guided walks has been dropped, but the latest details can be obtained from the Lochinver Tourist Office, tel (44/0)1571 844 654.

Most of the files on this site have been validated for HTML using the AENEAS HTML Valdator (

1st October 2006
Navigation has been improved again using CSS files. These were found on This is a goldmine of the many ways to use Cascading Style Sheets.

At the same time security in the display of email addresses against robot programs has been improved.

23rd May 2006
The alternative styles were dropped. Navigation on the site has been updated, using Java Script, giving drop-menus and pop-out-menus. The heading picture is part of a photograph by Mike Rochester. See 'Eadar' in B & B.

1st March 2006
Two alternative styles included.

12th January 2006
This version of 'Normist' is written without frames. Also the 'printable' version is built-in, using CSS.

3rd November 2005
When you save a web page, the title of the page at the very top of the window is suggested as the name to use on your hard drive. This site uses the same title for the whole site. However, if you use the 'printer friendly page', then you lose the header, footer and navigation menus leaving the content pages and their individual titles.

26th October 2005
A short tutorial in web site authoring introduced.

4th October 2005
To preserve privacy from automatic e-mail address gathering programs your e-mail addresses on this site are now coded.

4th June 2005
This web site contains a set of pages designed to be printed without the normal clutter. Click on the 'Printer friendly page' link at the bottom of any page. The printable version comes up in a new window. Close this window when you have printed out the page. The appearance of the printable version can be seen by going to 'file', then 'print preview' on this new page.