Salmon Bothy

The Salmon Bothy by Clachtoll beach is now open to the public. It lies between the beach and the beach car park.

The Bothy dates to 1846, being built by Hector MacKenzie. It was known to have been inhabited in 1851 (Census) by a family of fishermen from Banff. It was finally closed for fishing in 1994.

Since then it has become a local museum and has hosted a local wedding. Further information and more pictures can be seen in the Bothy itself.
Sign for the Salmon Bothy

The sign erected by
the Assynt Historical Society.

Donations to help in the restoration
and maintenance of the site would
be most welcome.

Last of the Clachtoll salmon fishermen

Duncan Kerr, the last
of the Clachtoll
salmon fishermen,

The Salmon Bothy
The 'port'

The Bothy where the fishermen would shelter between fishing the nets, waiting for the tide and weather. In past years, the fishermen would live in the Bothy.

This picture shows the 'Port', where the Coble would have been moored.

The coble
The icehouse

The Coble or salmon fishing boat.

The Icehouse, now also open. Ice would be cut from the lochs in winter and stored here to keep the salmon fresh.

Illustrations by M. Rawley