So, you want to write a web site. It's really not difficult. Web files are only glorified text files. You could use any text editor, such as Windows Notepad to write the whole thing.

If you can't wait to start, finish this page and go to 'HTML' Lesson 1.

The content of a web page is held together using a language called 'Hyper Text Markup Language', (HTML). This can be written using a text editor.

Likewise, the layout, colours and presentation generally are controlled by a text file, known as a 'Cascading Style Sheet'; another text file.

Active content on a web page can be added using 'Javascript'; yet another text file.

Although you can use Windows Notepad to write these files, I suggest that you download Fookes Note Tab Lite and CSE HTML Validator Lite. Both of these editors are free and can load multiple files. I suggest that you use Note Tab for writing your web files and use CSE HTML Validator to validate them.

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