Useful Sites



If like me, you like books, there are a number of useful sites. The high street bookshop chains have their own sites. The best known online book seller, Amazon, also sells a number of other ranges for its associates. It is also very reasonably priced. Abe books is the online collection of many independent bookshops, featuring both new and second-hand books.

To investigate works of fiction go to Fantastic Fiction for the biographies and bibliographies of many fiction authors.

Books on certain computing subjects often give examples in their text. Usually, the publisher or the author maintain a site where these examples and errata can be downloaded.

Price Comparison sites

You must have seen television commercials for price comparison sites for insurance and the like. There are also sites to compare other goods. Price Runner and Kelkoo are two that come to mind.

Telephone numbers

Do those 0870- numbers annoy you? There is a web site where you can often find an alternative (which is much cheaper if you are using Skype). Go to Say no to 0870-. For ordinary phone number searches, try BT enquiries or 192.
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