Hobby and Home Computers

Hobby Computers

The earliest microcomputers were notoriously difficult to use. The inputs were a series of switches; eight being equivalent to a single key press today! Generally the outputs were limited to rows of lights!! An example of this kind of computer is shown below.

Imsai 8080 computer
IMSAI 8080 Computer

Home Computers

In the late 1970s, the hobby computers led to the home computers, essentially the same as they are today, except for the scale. The Tandy Model 1 (1977) was one of the first three Home computers. It came originally with 4 kilobytes, and later with 16 kilobytes. An expansion box could be added with a further 32 kilobytes and a floppy disk controller.

The Tandy Model 1
The Tandy Model 1
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