Browser Alternatives

Choice of Browser

Whichever browser you choose to use, it pays to use the latest version. This is because as the web standards develop, browsers have to keep up and the latest standards become embodied in the latest versions. Apart from that, browsers tend to add features to make surfing a more enjoyable experience.

To determine the version of any program, including browsers, Click on 'help', 'about'. Follow this link to see which are the latest versions of browsers for your operating system.

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer

Browser features


Tabs are a relatively new feature. You can have more than one web page open at a time, although only one is displayed at a time. Browsers with tabs can also 'remember' which web pages you had open when the browser was last used.

Address bar

The address bar, seen here above the main window, is where you type the address (url) of the web page you want to see. Computers, being computers, do not use these addresses directly. Your request for a web page is passed to a Domain Name System (DNS) server which translates the page name into a number address e.g., which computers can understand.

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